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Custom spreadsheets are a versatile, robust and user-friendly way of managing and analysing important business information. While proprietary databases are expensive and need IT-level maintenance, clever and attractive spreadsheets can be developed for a small fraction of the cost, yet perform many of the same functions more transparently.

A1 Spreadsheets is a division of Qmex Limited that focuses solely on providing smart customised spreadsheets to councils, consultants, community organisations and private enterprise. Engineers, scientists, environmentalists, financial controllers and managers use our spreadsheets to successfully perform a variety of data management and predictive functions.

We now run Microsoft Office 365 (2013), which means access to the latest Excel cloud technology including PowerPivot, PowerView, PowerMap, and PowerBI for online presentations and user-group collaboration.

We can work alongside you, in your office if preferred, to develop the best spreadsheet applications for your particular situation. 

Simple where possible, complex where necessary - our spreadsheet solutions will please you and enhance your every-day work experience.