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 "The most essential resource for the future of human kind is water. Pure water is vital for human health, biodiversity, irrigation, industry, transportation, tourism and recreation. However, one third of the world’s population already lives in areas where demand for water exceeds the supply. One fifth of people have no access to clean drinking water whatsoever and over 6,000 people die each day as a result of water-borne pollution. Contamination of rivers and seas by wastewater is now a global health crisis of massive proportions – around half of the world’s rivers are in serious ‘burnout’ due to man-made pollution. By 2025, two thirds of the population will be experiencing these problems unless serious measures are taken now to arrest pollution and manage water resources sustainably."

Integrated Water Resources Management Plan:  Project Charter - Qmex Limited, 2008. Based on research modules provided by the Sustainable Engineering Manager and IWRMP Project Director, Waitakere City Council, and with strategic direction from PRISM.

Our experience in urban catchment management planning dates from a series of Auckland City stormwater modeling studies between 1988-94 in The Parade, Portland Road, Glendowie, Blockhouse Bay, Motions and Meola catchments.

Catchment planning projects completed by Qmex Limited since October 2000 include:

  • Avondale Stream (Green Bay) Catchment Management Plan (2003)
  • "Building in Floodplains" policy development and public education (2003)
  • Matakana Flood Assessment - Stage 1 Floodplain Modeling (2005)
  • Parakai on the Kaipara Flood Management Plan (2006)
  • TP108 hydrological spreadsheet models for Rodney DC (2007)
  • Lincoln Stream Integrated Catchment Management Plan (2008)
  • "Project Twin Streams - Beyond 2012" future planning (2009-11) 

Qmex builds hydrologic and hydraulic flow models in HEC-HMS/RAS, in one-dimensional  steady and unsteady flow states. We also assist clients with setting up stormwater and wastewater flow models in their own software such as SWMM and MOUSE. Developing practical, cost-effective remedial solutions from multi-run outputs is a feature of our catchment management projects.

3D HEC-RAS render of main river and floodplains (100-year ARI storm) for Rodney District Council, 2005.

Our water and environmental engineering services also cover preparation of discharge and resource consents, overland flowpath assessments, flood risk reports, stormwater quality improvement designs, and GIS-based catchment assessments in conjunction with our network of professional associates.

Construction of TP10 raingardens to achieve hydraulic neutrality and stormwater treatment for 1 hectare impervious site:  discharge consent design, procurement & supervision for Mangere Triplex Kingdom Hall, Hall Road, Mangere, Auckland NZ.